Here you will find links to help connect you with other Pharmakeute who, like us, are sharing their Dream, from metaphysical shops, to voice-over artists, to RNs, if you’re looking for a particular product or service, I’ll bet you’ll find it here.

House of Grimassi Profile picture House of Grimassi

RavensLoftProfileImageRaven’s Loft

branwenfixed.png  Branwen’s Dreams

Enchantations  Enchantations

EnvisionCrystal.jpg  Envision Crystal

ErendiraVoiceOver.jpg  Eréndira Ramírez De Rincón:Voice-over Artist

Julie.jpg  Julie Eaton, RN @ Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio, TX [Specializes in catheritzation lab: heart, vascular, and electrical problems]

Melissa's Massage Therapy.jpg  Melissa’s Massage Therapy

MoonstoneMelody.jpg  Moonstone Melody

NEPW.jpg New England Pagans and Witches (This group is run by a pair of Pharmakeute)

NewMoonStudios New Moon Studios

PhoenixPPD.jpg  Phoenix Pagan Pride (This is another group that is run by Pharmakeute)

Pizca de amor.jpg  Pizca de Amor

RachelsRings.jpg  Rachel’s Rings

TarotbySherry.jpg  Tarot by Sherry

RobinsNestThe Robin’s Nest

ToadandtheBroom.jpgToad and the Broom